You thought you were so clever, but surprise! This thing is actually real. Well, sort of… I mean, we’re working on it. I guess we’ll see what happens. Like, what could possibly go wrong?

BUT the game does exist! It’s actually playable, with a game client and a dedicated server. We haven’t been able to stress our netcode with 101 simultaneous players yet, but it works pretty well with half a dozen. As intentionally brazen as they are, the claims in the trailer are more or less our actual goals for the game design. No one on our team is aware of anything out there quite like what we’re shooting for, so we figured, why not try to do it ourselves?

Speaking of the team, it’s small. My nephew is our only programmer, he and my sister are our artists, and one of his friends made the trailer. I guess that makes me management? *shudder* Anyway, it’s safe to say that, while each is talented in their own right, collectively, we have pretty much no idea what we’re doing. It’s a good thing learning is fun.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we’ll try to post progress reports to this blog (as well as earnestly flesh out the overall idea for the game). If you’ve ever thought about making a game yourself, follow along, because this will probably be as close to the starting from scratch experience as you can get. Regardless, please stayed tuned, this experiment will be all the more edifying if we have any form of a community to share it with.

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